Andrew Behrman President and CEO
Andrew Behrman, MBA
abehrman[email protected]

Director of Legislative Affairs
Robert Reinshuttle, MPA
[email protected]
Clarissa Ortiz Director of Clinical Quality
Clarissa Ortiz, MS 
[email protected]
Erin Sologaistoa Director of Community Development and Special Populations
Erin Sologaistoa, MS
[email protected]
Thomas J. Knox Director of Emergency Preparedness
and Education Programs

Thomas J. Knox, MPA
[email protected]

Director of Policy and Regulatory Affairs
Benjamin Browning, MPA
[email protected]
Linda Carmona-Sanchez Director, Grants Management & Outreach
Linda Carmona-Sanchez
[email protected]
Jon Shiver Communications Coordinator
Jon Shiver
[email protected]

Human Resources and Administrative Services Coordinator
Brittany Roberson
[email protected] 

Michael Holbert Special Projects Coordinator
Michael Holbert 
[email protected]
Niki Lacayo
[email protected]