New Access Points

There are three ways to become an FQHC.
  1. Compete for New Access Point funding when new competitions are announced by HRSA.
  2. Apply for FQHC Look Alike status, a non-competitive, on-going application process which does not have funding attached to it.
  3. Bring an existing practice under an FQHC federal scope of project.
Successful New Access Point applicants will have 120 days from their award notice, to become operational. FQHC Look Alike applicants must be fully operational at the time they submit their application.
Here is the most recent New Access Point application guidance. There is a three step process involved with applying for any HRSA grant. It is important to begin the process well in advance of the deadline.

Special Populations Funding

HRSA must allocate a percentage of New Access Point funds specifically to serve special populations, including migrant and seasonal farmworkers, homeless individuals and families and residents of public housing. These populations face unique barriers and can be challenging to serve. Applicants for these funds must clearly demonstrate a plan for success, which may require adaptations such as mobile healthcare teams, transportation, language interpretation or other measures.
For organizations in geographic areas with high concentrations of these populations, there are advantages to applying for these dollars. Due to more intensive services, there may be justification to request a higher dollar amount. While these applications are competitive, these “Special population” applications are in a smaller pool of organizations applying for these special funds. All award recipients will be held accountable for the funding they receive; therefore, no one should apply for special population funding unless there is strong data demonstrating that the need exists.

New Access Points Resources

Health Center Program Compliance Manual, HRSA 2017
2017 New Access Point Q&A
2017 New Access Point HRSA Presentation
List of 330 grant consultants
So You Want to Start a Health Center? A Practical Guide for Starting a Federally Qualified Health Centers, NACHC 2011

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