Justice-Involved Population

The justice-involved population is disproportionately male, minority and low income. Mental health conditions and substance use disorder are over-represented. Floridians with severe mental illness (SMI) are at increased risk of entanglement in the criminal justice system, with some estimates indicating 35% and 45% of those in jails and prisons have a history of mental health diagnoses.  After being released Floridians lose access to healthcare services and frequently experience gaps in medications and treatment.  Having a criminal record and societal stigma make it difficult for people to get jobs and housing, so many are at risk of becoming homeless.  Strategies health centers use to successfully serve this population include:

  • Coordination with jails and prisons
  • Help from peers navigating the healthcare system
  • Enrolling people in health insurance
  • Linking inmates with food and housing organizations

Justice-Involved Population Resources

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