Health Center Program Compliance

In August 2017 HRSA released the final Health Center Program Compliance Manual, which consolidates most of HRSA’s prior policy guidance documents, including those on: Health Center Program Requirements, Affiliation Agreements, Credentialing and Privileging, Public Agency Status, Accounting Requirements, Governance, Sliding Fee Discounts, Billing and Collections, and Oversight. The manual aligns with the Federal Tort Claims (FTCA) Deeming application and process.

In early 2018 HRSA anticipates the release of new Operational Site Visit (OSV) protocols aligned with the compliance manual. In the meantime, OSV Reviewers be instructed to use the current OSV guidance and the Compliance Manual. Health center boards and leadership need to fully understand the expectations outlined in the new manual. We recommend also reading the Compliance Manual FAQs submitted by health centers nationwide.

Operational Site Visits

Health Center Operational Site Visit Protocol – Effective late January 2018

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