FQHC Needs Assessment 



Corona Virus Resources for Local Health A tool To Quickly Identify the Local Burden Of COVID-19, Relevant To Health Department Jurisdictions And Understand The COVID-19 Impact On Communities NACCHO

Needs Assessment Resources

*NEW* Population Health Mapping Tool Addresses Social Determinants of Health  American Board of Family Medicine and Center for Applied Research and Engagement Systems at The University of Missouri
Finding and Using Health Statistics Tutorial From the U.S. National Library of Medicine
Community Needs Assessment and Data-Supported Decision Making: Keys to Building Responsive and Effective Health Centers, NACHC 2012
HRSA Needs Assessment Webinar, National Healthcare for the Homeless Council, February, 2014
A Needs Assessment Toolkit for Healthcare for the Homeless Grantees, National Healthcare for the Homeless Council
HRSA Service Area Overlap policies


2017 U.S. Census of Agriculture Data Query Tool County-level data on crops, workers and all aspects of agriculture USDA
Florida's Regional Health Councils Develop health plans containing data, analysis on health care status and community needs
Area Health Resources Files Data from over 50 sources, at the county level HRSA
American Fact Finder U.S. Census Bureau Data
UDS Mapper Allows users to view, map and download population and health center data at the Zip Code level.
HRSA Uniform Data System Health center data at the organizational, state and national level.
Health Data Warehouse Data and maps from more than 30 HRSA and other federal government sources.
Community Health Status Indicators An interactive application that produces health profiles for all 3,143 counties in the United States.
Florida CHARTs The Florida Department of Health’s Community Health Assessment Resource Tool Set
The 500 Cities Project Maps small area estimates for behavioral risk factors that influence health status, health outcomes, and the use of clinical preventive service.  
500 Cities: Local Data for Better Health Download PDF files containing health indicators at the census tract level - for the five hundred largest cities in the U.S.


Florida Regional Health Planning Councils Develop district health plans containing data, analysis, and recommendations that relate to health care status and needs in the community.
The Cecil G. Shepps Center for Health Services Research


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